Colors: How can I use them to Support My Goals?

Color is powerful!  What are your favorite colors?  Do you use your favorite colors in your home, clothing or landscaping?   Are you afraid you’ll pick the wrong colors?  Our goal is to find those colors that make you say, “I love the color I chose to paint my house”.  Or that you get repeated compliments about your favorite shirt. Utilizing the power of colors can really help achieve your goals, especially when your favorite shirt gets you  compliments and you feel great about yourself; now that’s  power we all want and deserve.

I recently heard someone describe an average, nondescript image as beige.  Beige is being used as a default, when you may be uncertain about what colors you really like, or timid  to display your true personality for fear that your friends will think negative thoughts.  Beige and white are the default colors in the United States…WHY?  What if it was green or blue?  Why is it that we surround ourselves in our indoor environments with a single default color?  Our eyes are not used to this monochrome scheme.  In nature we see green grass, blue sky, brown dirt, red leaves and white snow.  We are used to seeing a variety of colors and that soothes our psyche.  To be contained in a room that has no color variation can cause irritation.

Therefore, the goal is to figure out what your favorite colors are.  When you look at your house, landscaping or the clothes you’re wearing and say,”I just love how those colors make me feel”  or “I feel so powerful in this red dress”.  Eliciting those powerfully positive feelings with your favorite colors is a goal of Feng Shui  which will, in turn, help achieve major shifts in your life.

My next tips will talk about the specific colors and their meanings.  A great book about color is Living Color Master Lin Yun’s Guide to Feng Shui and the Art of Color by Sarah Rossbach and Lin Yun

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Goal Setting is Essential Before the End of 2009

Because of the importance of the number 9, you may be feeling huge shifts right now. I certainly have been feeling that and acquiring new tools for the new economy and preparing for what that might look like.

 “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.” Andrew Carnegie

You want to come up with measureable goals such as how much and by when? Specifics are really important….vague goals only bring vague results.

Overall Tips for Goal Setting:

  •  •Be Specific, set a time, how much, what color, make, size etc
  • •Write it down in DETAIL
  • •Goals may be out of your comfort zone
  • •Huge LIFE goal •Read your goals each day
  • •Create a special goal wall, book or vision board
  • •Carry your goals with you
  • •Create many goals
  • •Get an accountability partner to help you achieve your goals

For more information on goals both Brian Tracy ( and Jack Canfield ( have great books and tools to help achieve your goals!

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