Colors: What does Red Mean? Feng Shui Color Theory

Feng Shui Color Theory: RED

Red is one of the most powerful colors.  Red means different things in different cultures.  In Feng Shui Red is the color of fame and notoriety.  It is also a color that gets noticed.  If you wear the color red, you must be prepared for the attention that you will get.  One person that comes to mind for their powerful use of the color red is Hillary Clinton.  Nearly at all significant gatherings of her peers, she wears red, usually it’s a red suit.  She is very smart about the use of this color.  In many countries red is the color which ladies get married in…the color of love, think of red hearts.

In Feng Shui color theory red means energy, good luck, courage, passion, marriage, faith and communication. The emotions that it is associated with include anger, irritation, passion, courage and outrage.

The ideal location for the color red is nearly always in the middle back wall, as you stand in the doorway looking inside, this is the Fame area of any room or generally in your home, check out the Bagua map for more clarification.

My next tips will talk about other specific colors and their meanings.  A great book about color is Living Color Master Lin Yun’s Guide to Feng Shui and the Art of Color by Sarah Rossbach and Lin Yun

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Colors: How can I use them to Support My Goals?

Color is powerful!  What are your favorite colors?  Do you use your favorite colors in your home, clothing or landscaping?   Are you afraid you’ll pick the wrong colors?  Our goal is to find those colors that make you say, “I love the color I chose to paint my house”.  Or that you get repeated compliments about your favorite shirt. Utilizing the power of colors can really help achieve your goals, especially when your favorite shirt gets you  compliments and you feel great about yourself; now that’s  power we all want and deserve.

I recently heard someone describe an average, nondescript image as beige.  Beige is being used as a default, when you may be uncertain about what colors you really like, or timid  to display your true personality for fear that your friends will think negative thoughts.  Beige and white are the default colors in the United States…WHY?  What if it was green or blue?  Why is it that we surround ourselves in our indoor environments with a single default color?  Our eyes are not used to this monochrome scheme.  In nature we see green grass, blue sky, brown dirt, red leaves and white snow.  We are used to seeing a variety of colors and that soothes our psyche.  To be contained in a room that has no color variation can cause irritation.

Therefore, the goal is to figure out what your favorite colors are.  When you look at your house, landscaping or the clothes you’re wearing and say,”I just love how those colors make me feel”  or “I feel so powerful in this red dress”.  Eliciting those powerfully positive feelings with your favorite colors is a goal of Feng Shui  which will, in turn, help achieve major shifts in your life.

My next tips will talk about the specific colors and their meanings.  A great book about color is Living Color Master Lin Yun’s Guide to Feng Shui and the Art of Color by Sarah Rossbach and Lin Yun

For More Great Books that I recommend on Feng Shui, go to

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Best Position for the Stove; Using Feng Shui’s Command Position

My last 2 topics discussed the best location for the bed and desk; so in the same vein the stove is the other important object to be placed in the command position.  Thus, to reiterate, the command position is as far from the entrance to the room, facing the door, with the solid wall behind you.  One of the most difficult to achieve these goals is with the stove.  Most of the time the stove is facing the wall, with the door behind you.  But, if you have an island and can view the door as you are cooking at the stove, you will feel the power of the command position.  In my house I remodeled so that the gas stove  faces the dining area, which faces the doors and the primary chopping area also faces the doors (there are 2).  The feeling that I get when I am cooking is one of power, clarity and safety knowing that I can see anyone approaching the doors.

In an ideal world, the best kind of stove is gas because of the benefit of fire & efficiency.  The location is in the command position, far from the door, facing the door, with a solid wall behind you as you face the stove.  Because the stove assists us as we create the nutrition we need for our families; placing the stove in the command position will create  many positive outcomes for each person’s goals.

If you’re saying to yourself, ‘wow I have the opposite of all these suggestions’.  Well, I have found that so many people do.  If you have a stove that faces the wall and the door is directly behind you; the cure for that are mirrors or shiny objects behind the stove.  My favorite shiny objects are copper pans, molds or other artwork.

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Which Direction Should I Sleep?

I get asked a lot, is it good for my head to be pointing a certain direction? Since this method of Feng Shui is known as the Compass Method, to me it’s not as important as having your head against the solid wall and that the bed is as far away from the doorway as possible. The method of Feng Shui that I practice is called the Black Hat Sect (BTB) which is based on the idea about how the energy flows through doorways and around your home or office. There are many types of Feng Shui, but I think that the BTB is the most realistic and works in our modern times.

The keys to the most peaceful sleep include:

  • Removing items that plug into outlets.
  • Making sure no mirrors reflect over the bed as you sleep.
  • Closing all doors while you sleep.
  • No storage under the bed.
  • Each person has their space for books & bedside lamp & table.
  • Calming pictures
  • Calming colors
  • Thinking in terms of two’s if you are a couple; i.e. 2 pillows, 2 lamps etc
  • Being able to see who’s coming in the doorway.
  • Clutter free.

I know you may be curious what the Compass method says about the sleeping directions, so here is what they say:

Head pointing North=Enhancing physical Manifestations and Balance.

Head pointing South=Enhancing Ability to Remember Dreams and Develop Intuition.

Head pointing East=Speeds Life Up (good for depression and sluggishness).

Head pointing West=Slows Life Down (good for stress and hyperactivity).

feng shui bedroom ideas

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Feng Shui Bagua…Abundance, Wealth & Success

The Bagua is the feng shui map that I use to help increase the intentions for all.
This simple map is used to figure out what kinds of items would be the best in the certain bagua.
The bottom of the map(self knowledge, journey & helpful people) will be the location of the front door.  Place the map on the floor at the front door with the threshhold on the line at the bottom of the paper.  Most front doors are located in the middle of the house, thus the journey/career area of the bagua.  But you would divide the house evenly into 9 quadrants based on the location of the front door.
For wealth and success the most important bagua is the abundance corner, which end up being in the far left corner of the house, relative to the front door.  All the tips for wealth and success would be perfect in this corner.  You can also use the bagua for each room, the entryway of each door is the same as for the front door.   So if you want to increase your wealth and success, you can put those items like coins, money frogs, collections of items in this abundance corner of each room.  This will really help your focus on this intention.
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Feng Shui Bagua, The Roadmap for Your Successful Energy

The Bagua is the feng shui map that I use to help increase the
intentions for all.

This simple map at is the
basic “roadmap” for all decisions. Feng Shui as an ancient
Chinese study of energy and how it flows through a physical space.
One of the discoveries is that there is a predictable pattern
between physical locations in your home or office that relate to
aspects of your life. Thus, there is a specific location or room
in your home that relates to your relationships, another to your
prosperity and another to your career. If your home is an odd
shaped layout, i.e. not a rectangle or square, a part of the bagua
may be missing, so energy may not flow to that part of your life.
If another part of your home gets a lot of energy that area of your
life blossomes. Thus the map will help with whichever intention or
area of your life you would like to focus on.

Balance is the key! To bring in the harmony and balance into all
areas of your life lay this map on the floor at your front door
with the bottom line on the map at the threshhold of the door.
Things to be specifically aware of are the location of an attached
garage, my relationship area is in my garage, so I have put up some
pink hearts and posters to give it attention. The location of your
bathrooms and fireplaces are also key. If you have a fireplace in
your water (journey & career) area that can create a confused or
heated water energy. If your bathrooms are located in your fire
(fame) area it douses your fire energy. Generally you want all
your element areas to be clear with only items that relate to that
element. For example in your fire area you only want candles, a
fireplace or other things that represent fire. There are a lot of
these elements that I don’t want to confuse you, if you really feel
that you have a specific inbalance in your life this is where a
consultation can really help.

The Bagua is the key to understanding Feng Shui and predictable
energy. These are some basic concepts to be aware of. Check out
the map and consider your intentions and life goals. An hour
consultation can be quite helpful in clearing up any conflicting
energy patterns. More information about consultations.

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Feng Shui and Broken Items

Do you find that you have a lot of items that need to be broken or repaired?  If you feel overwhelmed by items like this I would recommend a system to repair them or remove them from your life.

Items that are broken or not use-able correlate to stuck energy.  In order to maximize your success everything needs to be in working order.  Which means that these broken items could manifest as financial issues, poor health, difficulty in relationship with others, feelings of disorganization, overwhelm and frustration and many many more.  

One system is to put all those items in a box, and make a plan to fix one a day/week/month; if you can’t fit those items in a box, decide to get rid of one or some.

Remember that the goal is to achieve the most supportive energy for you and your success.


Organized garage

Organized garage