Sell Your House Quick with Feng Shui: Get the Edge on Your Competition

Are you finding yourself in a world where there are a lot of houses for sale, and you need to sell ASAP?  Where are the buyers and how do you find them?Having a good marketing plan is essential.  But the most important component is making the house the most appealing and desireable compared to its competition.  In order to get the edge on your competition there are simple tips that can be used:

  1. Clean everything thoroughly
  2. Remove clutter such as papers, pictures, magazines, garbage etc.
  3. Fix all broken, scratched, or damaged items
  4. Remove excess storage, rent a storage unit if you have to; everything must be super organized, even the garage
  5. Remove excess furniture, less is more.  Orient the sitting part of the furniture so that you see the seat first, not the back of a chair or sofa.
  6. Organize each room to its fullest potential.  The master bedroom needs a luxurious bed with pillows and bedding that encourages that relaxing decadent feeling.  It’s organized, clean, and welcoming.  A room that could be an office or bedroom should have the appearance of a fully functioning office or bedroom.  Imagine how it could best be utilized and stage it in that capacity.
  7. Clean up the entire yard and make it look appealing. Mow lawn, rake leaves, trim bushes, plant annuals or perennials and organize the garden shed. Make it obvious where the front door is located, by having a path, mailbox, house numbers, welcome mat, wind chimes, plants or other artwork.

Home staging and professional landscaping are proven tools that can sell a home on average 40% faster and 10% higher!  Most of the time all you have is time to get prospective buyers to feel like they could enjoy living there and that there are no significant reasons they feel any negativity.  You need to make the best first impression, so EVERYTHING must look PRETTY.

One book that can help is: Sell Your Home Faster with Feng Shui…  by Holly Ziegler.  She has an expanded version of these ideas.

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9 More Feng Shui Tips for Wealth & Success

A great way to think about how to create wealth and success is to figure out what will support you in your success and happiness instead of ways that don’t.  These feng shui tips can be  basic ideas that will really support you in your endeavors.

These are Unsupportive Items or Actions ie. Bad Feng Shui

  • Clutter
  • Disorganization
  • Too much furniture
  • Broken items or things that don’t work
  • Overhead Fans, especially over your head in bed
  • Over the bed mirrors
  • Confusion regarding where your house is or location of front door
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Long dark hallways

White“One does not accumulate but eliminate.  It is not daily increase but daily decrease.  The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity.” Bruce Lee

This quote is the story of my life.  Since I was a kid I have always noticed the things that get used and those that don’t and I wanted to remove those unused items from my home.  The energy of the things simply taking up space weighed heavily on me, pushing me to feel anxiety and heaviness.  When I remove those items I feel so much more focused and free to achieve my greatest endeavors.  Following are more tips to help you achieve your wealth and success.

9 More Tips for Wealth & Success

  1. Put collections of coins around your home especially in the abundance corner
  2. Create a Vision Board using specifics about what wealth & success mean to you
  3. Use chimes or hanging items with coins…especially 9 items or coins
  4. Use purple & gold colors to think like royalty
  5. Utilize more wood items such as furniture, flooring or other furnishings
  6. Money frogs in abundance area facing you
  7. Rabbits
  8. Chinese Coins
  9. Pictures that depict an abundance of something

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De-Clutter Regularly

In many homes, the single biggest feng shui problem is clutter!

Clutter is both a cause and a symptom of stale, stuck energy. It blocks the smooth flow of chi through your space, weighs you down energetically, and keeps you stuck in the past.  Clutter makes it very difficult to make changes, take advantage of new opportunities, or welcome new friends and experiences into your life.

Clutter also makes it harder to keep your house clean. In feng shui terms, dirt and dust are a form of clutter because they clog up the flow of chi just as effectively as a glut of personal possessions does.  If you haven’t dusted in weeks and your windows haven’t been washed since last year, that dirt and dust is affecting the chi of your entire house – and your life!

A thorough cleaning and de-cluttering of your power spots is a great way to get new energy flowing to create focus and success!

One of the most obvious ways that clutter manifests is with your health.  Those people who do not regularly purge things that aren’t essential to their lives generally end up with some lung related condition.  This is where the weight usually will rest.  If you know someone who’s health is getting worse and whose issue is asthma, allergies or any kind of respiratory illness and you know that they hate to get rid of possessions…this is how clutter really gets your health and why it’s important to purge often or have a plan around organization.