Feng Shui Chi Enhancers: To Enhance Your Success!

 There are a number of items that you may place in your home or office that will increase your success.  Certain items are most appropriate in specific locations, but the items below generally will enhance the energy in your home.  Below are some ideas for feng shui chi enhancers that will help you enhance the positive energy to bring you the most success.

  • Art & Wall Decoration – Paintings, collages, collections, textiles, sculptures
  • Colors – Enjoy your favorite colors around you and in your clothing.
  • Five Element Associations
  • Wood=Blue & Green
  • Fire=Red & Bright Colors
  • Earth=Yellow & Earth Tones
  • Metal=White & Pastels
  • Water=Black, Blue & Dark Tones
  • Crystals – Large round faceted crystals circulate the most chi
  • Lighting – Effective natural sunlight is best, but candles and other types of effective lighting  is good
  • Living Items – Animals, plants & flowers
  • Mirrors – Generally large mirrors are beneficial, except in the bedroom…i.e. no mirrors in the bedroom or over the bed
  • Natural Objects – Shells, rocks, sticks, seeds or pods.
  • Sound Makers – Bells, Wind Chimes, music, instruments
  • Water Features – Fountains, birdbaths, ponds, waterfalls etc
  • Wind Makers – Whirligigs, flags, mobiles, banners or weathervanes

While this list isn’t exhaustive, it will give you ideas to assist in creating the space of your dreams.

To your success,

Candee Pearson

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