Feng Shui Bagua…Abundance, Wealth & Success

The Bagua is the feng shui map that I use to help increase the intentions for all.
This simple map is used to figure out what kinds of items would be the best in the certain bagua.
The bottom of the map(self knowledge, journey & helpful people) will be the location of the front door.  Place the map on the floor at the front door with the threshhold on the line at the bottom of the paper.  Most front doors are located in the middle of the house, thus the journey/career area of the bagua.  But you would divide the house evenly into 9 quadrants based on the location of the front door.
For wealth and success the most important bagua is the abundance corner, which end up being in the far left corner of the house, relative to the front door.  All the tips for wealth and success would be perfect in this corner.  You can also use the bagua for each room, the entryway of each door is the same as for the front door.   So if you want to increase your wealth and success, you can put those items like coins, money frogs, collections of items in this abundance corner of each room.  This will really help your focus on this intention.
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Feng Shui Bagua, The Roadmap for Your Successful Energy

The Bagua is the feng shui map that I use to help increase the
intentions for all.

This simple map at http://www.fivestarfengshui.com/bagua is the
basic “roadmap” for all decisions. Feng Shui as an ancient
Chinese study of energy and how it flows through a physical space.
One of the discoveries is that there is a predictable pattern
between physical locations in your home or office that relate to
aspects of your life. Thus, there is a specific location or room
in your home that relates to your relationships, another to your
prosperity and another to your career. If your home is an odd
shaped layout, i.e. not a rectangle or square, a part of the bagua
may be missing, so energy may not flow to that part of your life.
If another part of your home gets a lot of energy that area of your
life blossomes. Thus the map will help with whichever intention or
area of your life you would like to focus on.

Balance is the key! To bring in the harmony and balance into all
areas of your life lay this map on the floor at your front door
with the bottom line on the map at the threshhold of the door.
Things to be specifically aware of are the location of an attached
garage, my relationship area is in my garage, so I have put up some
pink hearts and posters to give it attention. The location of your
bathrooms and fireplaces are also key. If you have a fireplace in
your water (journey & career) area that can create a confused or
heated water energy. If your bathrooms are located in your fire
(fame) area it douses your fire energy. Generally you want all
your element areas to be clear with only items that relate to that
element. For example in your fire area you only want candles, a
fireplace or other things that represent fire. There are a lot of
these elements that I don’t want to confuse you, if you really feel
that you have a specific inbalance in your life this is where a
consultation can really help.

The Bagua is the key to understanding Feng Shui and predictable
energy. These are some basic concepts to be aware of. Check out
the map and consider your intentions and life goals. An hour
consultation can be quite helpful in clearing up any conflicting
energy patterns. More information about consultations.

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Even 9 More Feng Shui Tips for Wealth & Success

You may be wondering why the concentration on 9 feng shui tips for wealth and success?  Well in the last few issues I have mentioned 2009 as being a pivotal point for the next decade….so getting focused on being prepared.  Also what I get from my clients is a serious focus on increasing wealth, working less and having more free time.  It seems as if an economic focus, since many clients have mentioned diminished income.

9 Feng Shui Tips for Wealth & Success:

  1. Chinese Coins, especially I Ching divination coins bring good fortune; display in groups of 9 or more
  2. Rare coins or other collector items; display in 9 or more
  3. Denominations of money such as $100 bills
  4. Representations of bountiful harvests
  5. Doors to bathrooms closed, having sight of toilets drains money
  6. Good Smells make pleasant thoughts
  7. Pleasant & moving items at entrance like chimes, whirly-gigs, fountains, fans, flags, mobiles bring in good energy and protect from bad
  8. Gemstones for abundance & wealth are: agate, bloodstone, citrine, diamond, topaz, zircon
  9. The number 9 is the most auspicious, the highest single digit…groupings of 9 is most ideal

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9 More Feng Shui Tips for Wealth & Success

A great way to think about how to create wealth and success is to figure out what will support you in your success and happiness instead of ways that don’t.  These feng shui tips can be  basic ideas that will really support you in your endeavors.

These are Unsupportive Items or Actions ie. Bad Feng Shui

  • Clutter
  • Disorganization
  • Too much furniture
  • Broken items or things that don’t work
  • Overhead Fans, especially over your head in bed
  • Over the bed mirrors
  • Confusion regarding where your house is or location of front door
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Long dark hallways

White“One does not accumulate but eliminate.  It is not daily increase but daily decrease.  The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity.” Bruce Lee

This quote is the story of my life.  Since I was a kid I have always noticed the things that get used and those that don’t and I wanted to remove those unused items from my home.  The energy of the things simply taking up space weighed heavily on me, pushing me to feel anxiety and heaviness.  When I remove those items I feel so much more focused and free to achieve my greatest endeavors.  Following are more tips to help you achieve your wealth and success.

9 More Tips for Wealth & Success

  1. Put collections of coins around your home especially in the abundance corner
  2. Create a Vision Board using specifics about what wealth & success mean to you
  3. Use chimes or hanging items with coins…especially 9 items or coins
  4. Use purple & gold colors to think like royalty
  5. Utilize more wood items such as furniture, flooring or other furnishings
  6. Money frogs in abundance area facing you
  7. Rabbits
  8. Chinese Coins
  9. Pictures that depict an abundance of something

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9 Feng Shui Tips for Wealth & Success

T. Harv Eker says “Where attention goes, energy flows and results show” in his book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. 

I think this quote is so powerful to create the life you want.  Feng Shui is all about energy and where you put your attention will then equal a result.  There are so many tools that can be used for this purpose, but I think of Feng Shui tools as being so easy, you can put them in place once and they can support you for an extended period of time automatically.

Thus being aware of your energy; is it positive, negative, distracted, focused on something very specific?  Really get in touch with what your energy may be doing to hinder or assist you in your goals.

9 actions that you can take to focus your energy on your goals especially those regarding wealth and success include:

  1. De-cluttering  (of course)
  2. Keep toilet seats closed
  3. Grow a jade plant or jade gem
  4. Store savings bonds, lottery tickets, large account balance statements to bring in the positive money energy.
  5. Create Positive intentions about wealth…you are worthy
  6. Use color green in clothing, paint, furnishings
  7. Get a water feature
  8. Get an aquarium with 9 fish (one black fish will absorb any negativity), goldfish are great.  Make sure they are healthy and loved.  Good combinations include 8 black & 1 red or 8 red & 1 black
  9. Display any treasured collection in a group of 9; ie. shells, rocks, crystals etc.

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Goal Setting is Essential Before the End of 2009

Because of the importance of the number 9, you may be feeling huge shifts right now. I certainly have been feeling that and acquiring new tools for the new economy and preparing for what that might look like.

 “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.” Andrew Carnegie

You want to come up with measureable goals such as how much and by when? Specifics are really important….vague goals only bring vague results.

Overall Tips for Goal Setting:

  •  •Be Specific, set a time, how much, what color, make, size etc
  • •Write it down in DETAIL
  • •Goals may be out of your comfort zone
  • •Huge LIFE goal •Read your goals each day
  • •Create a special goal wall, book or vision board
  • •Carry your goals with you
  • •Create many goals
  • •Get an accountability partner to help you achieve your goals

For more information on goals both Brian Tracy (www.briantracy.com) and Jack Canfield (www.jackcanfield.com) have great books and tools to help achieve your goals!

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Feng Shui Numbers 2009 Significance

The number 9 is significant as the most auspicious or lucky number, it represents the completion of one cycle and the beginning of the next. Thus the year 2009 is really the ideal time to help you prepare for your success. There are a number of things that you can do to get very clear about what the next decade will look like for you.

  • Meditate or Reflect everyday for 5 minutes about what success looks like
  • Goal Setting
  • Journaling
  • Create a dream or vision board
  • Read inspiring/educational material for 30 minutes everyday
  • Learn new skills
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Be healthy i.e. eat well and exercise regularly to keep the stress away