Which Direction Should I Sleep?

I get asked a lot, is it good for my head to be pointing a certain direction? Since this method of Feng Shui is known as the Compass Method, to me it’s not as important as having your head against the solid wall and that the bed is as far away from the doorway as possible. The method of Feng Shui that I practice is called the Black Hat Sect (BTB) which is based on the idea about how the energy flows through doorways and around your home or office. There are many types of Feng Shui, but I think that the BTB is the most realistic and works in our modern times.

The keys to the most peaceful sleep include:

  • Removing items that plug into outlets.
  • Making sure no mirrors reflect over the bed as you sleep.
  • Closing all doors while you sleep.
  • No storage under the bed.
  • Each person has their space for books & bedside lamp & table.
  • Calming pictures
  • Calming colors
  • Thinking in terms of two’s if you are a couple; i.e. 2 pillows, 2 lamps etc
  • Being able to see who’s coming in the doorway.
  • Clutter free.

I know you may be curious what the Compass method says about the sleeping directions, so here is what they say:

Head pointing North=Enhancing physical Manifestations and Balance.

Head pointing South=Enhancing Ability to Remember Dreams and Develop Intuition.

Head pointing East=Speeds Life Up (good for depression and sluggishness).

Head pointing West=Slows Life Down (good for stress and hyperactivity).

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To Your Success,

Candee Pearson


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How you can use Feng Shui to create Success

You can imagine what the first rule to create success when it comes to your space will be….De-cluttering!  Of course! You have a spot in your office where you just pile up stuff and close the desk when you’re not there, you hate it but you just haven’t gotten around to organizing it.  Well I’m here to tell you that this and all those other things on your ‘to do’ list are weighing on you and distracting you from your success and ultimate potential.  When we are organized, we can focus best and achieve those goals and get it done.

When sorting through possessions, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I love it?
  2. Do I need it?
  3. Does it reflect who I am now in my life?
  4. Does it act as an environmental affirmation for me?
  5. What positive and/or negative thoughts, memories, or emotions do I associate with it?
  6. Does it need to be fixed or repaired, and am I willing to do so now?
  7. If I moved tomorrow, would I choose to take it with me?
  8. If it is time to let it go, am I going to sell, lend or give it away, and when?

My recommendation is to set aside 10 minutes everyday organizing that thing that is yelling out to you the most and just work on it a little at a time, like one drawer per day or something that you can manage.

Also setting up either bags or boxes in each room or designated spot that are labeled as

  1. Junk–everything to be thrown in the garbage
  2. Charity or Friends—items you no longer like that that friends or thrift stores might like.
  3. Things to Repair or alter—things that you still want to keep but that need mending.
  4. Things to sort and move—items that need to be stored somewhere else.
  5. Transitional Items—possessions you just can’t seem to let go.  Keep this bag in your garage for 6 months.  If you miss the contents get them out again, otherwise pass them on at the end of 6 months.

Now that spring is here, it’s a great time to de-clutter and let that new growing energy support your success!