Colors: What does Red Mean? Feng Shui Color Theory

Feng Shui Color Theory: RED

Red is one of the most powerful colors.  Red means different things in different cultures.  In Feng Shui Red is the color of fame and notoriety.  It is also a color that gets noticed.  If you wear the color red, you must be prepared for the attention that you will get.  One person that comes to mind for their powerful use of the color red is Hillary Clinton.  Nearly at all significant gatherings of her peers, she wears red, usually it’s a red suit.  She is very smart about the use of this color.  In many countries red is the color which ladies get married in…the color of love, think of red hearts.

In Feng Shui color theory red means energy, good luck, courage, passion, marriage, faith and communication. The emotions that it is associated with include anger, irritation, passion, courage and outrage.

The ideal location for the color red is nearly always in the middle back wall, as you stand in the doorway looking inside, this is the Fame area of any room or generally in your home, check out the Bagua map for more clarification.

My next tips will talk about other specific colors and their meanings.  A great book about color is Living Color Master Lin Yun’s Guide to Feng Shui and the Art of Color by Sarah Rossbach and Lin Yun

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