Best Position for the Stove; Using Feng Shui’s Command Position

My last 2 topics discussed the best location for the bed and desk; so in the same vein the stove is the other important object to be placed in the command position.  Thus, to reiterate, the command position is as far from the entrance to the room, facing the door, with the solid wall behind you.  One of the most difficult to achieve these goals is with the stove.  Most of the time the stove is facing the wall, with the door behind you.  But, if you have an island and can view the door as you are cooking at the stove, you will feel the power of the command position.  In my house I remodeled so that the gas stove  faces the dining area, which faces the doors and the primary chopping area also faces the doors (there are 2).  The feeling that I get when I am cooking is one of power, clarity and safety knowing that I can see anyone approaching the doors.

In an ideal world, the best kind of stove is gas because of the benefit of fire & efficiency.  The location is in the command position, far from the door, facing the door, with a solid wall behind you as you face the stove.  Because the stove assists us as we create the nutrition we need for our families; placing the stove in the command position will create  many positive outcomes for each person’s goals.

If you’re saying to yourself, ‘wow I have the opposite of all these suggestions’.  Well, I have found that so many people do.  If you have a stove that faces the wall and the door is directly behind you; the cure for that are mirrors or shiny objects behind the stove.  My favorite shiny objects are copper pans, molds or other artwork.

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Candee Pearson

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What is the Best Position for a Desk? Using Feng Shui’s Command Position.

One of the most challenging issues for people is how to orient ones desk.  Since I have learned about Feng Shui’s command position, I am very pleased by its results.  The command position states that the item, generally a desk, bed or stove, is located as far from the door, facing the door, and a head against the solid wall. A few years ago at a workplace I switched desk positions and turned the desk to face the entry.  The room was a large room with 5 desks, most facing the wall.  After I moved my desk to face the entry I got a number of positive compliments.  I felt better and was more productive because of a few key factors:

  • I faced the entry, so I could see everyone who was coming into the space
  • My back was against the solid wall thus the energy was more stable and supportive  i.e. didn’t go out the window or the door
  • I could communicate easily with my co-workers and not have to turn my head; but they had to turn their heads
  • My view was out the window at the great scenery

Overall my desk was in the power/command position in the room; i.e. farthest from the door, back against solid wall, facing the entry which contributed greatly to my success and productivity.  I recommend  everyone to find their command position in the room and orient your desk in this way.  You will be amazed at the positive results.

Feng Shui Desk Location

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Candee Pearson


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